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блог о здоровье
mari_22Дата: Четверг, 23.04.2020, 01:31 | Сообщение # 1
Ползунок (6-9 мес.)
Группа: Проверенный
Сообщений: 76
Награды: 0
Статус: Offline
недавно подписалась на очень интересный блог о здоровье https://qualityoflife.avaclinic.ru/ там обсуждаются все актуальные вопросы которые сейчас происходят вокруг нас, поэтому это интересно читать и можно много чего полезного почерпнуть, так, что думаю, что всем зайдёт.
MichelMnДата: Четверг, 14.05.2020, 19:29 | Сообщение # 2
Школьник (7-16 лет)
Группа: Проверенный
Сообщений: 1264
Награды: 2
Статус: Offline
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"DANIELLE" Hailey shrieked, as her sister dropped to a knee by her bed. "Seriously, what the fuck are you doing? Do you really think I'm so interested in Chris that I faked the flu and had him stay here?"
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"WellA lot of my friends have boyfriends, and they talk about them all the time." I started to speak but she held up her hand. "I know! Nobody can know about us, but I just wish that I knew."
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I invited Sally in to my place, we talked for hours. She was indeed my mother. Thank God we didn't go any further! At least I now know who my biological parents are and that I have a half sister. My mother and I feel guilty about taking things as far as we did, not knowing our true relationship.
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I was a bit surprised with the response. She was taking it pretty well and pretty maturely too. But she was definitely upset and I still felt a little bad.
Форум » Беременность » Общение для беременных » блог о здоровье
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